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Brandon Moore

Brandon Moore is singer/songwriter who performs high-spirited, barefoot-in-the-grass-under-funky-stars, feel-good songs with danceable grooves. He has performed in multiple Missouri, bands, including Déjà Vu, Barefoot Revolution, Moore-Healey, Jalopy, The Shotgun Brothers, The Hurricanes and more. Whether a man and a guitar or the core of a full band, Moore's unabashed joy for life, music and friends creates easy chemistry for playing with a wide range of ensembles.

Moore’s latest album, Down in the Dirt, is the first composed entirely of Brandon’s original songs. Its title is metaphor for his love of the musical community he’s grown in.

Jimmy Rea (of the Hillbenders) partnered with Moore to engineer and envision it. “Jimmy and I would imagine a song the way we wanted to hear it, and I could think of a particular artist I knew who could match that imagined sound,” recounts Moore, enthusiastically. “Each time we played a track, a friend would match the sound in my head, and then the song would morph into something spontaneous and original."

On stage or around any picking circle, Moore is a product of his environment while energetically creating it -- shoes off, face lit up, his melodies and rhythms sparking in sync with all the surrounding music -- authentically embracing Moore’s vision of showcasing the sounds and spontaneity he loves.

Annabelle Moore

Some will say that Annabelle "comes by it honestly", as she descends from a musical family that now spans generations. But to say that any of her immense musical talent is anything other than something she owns completely is an underestimation of her authentic gift and powerful tenacity. Her soulful, silky vocals can fill a room unamplified, and are truly astounding for someone her age, which is not yet even 18. She makes no concessions, a heartfelt troubadour with just her voice and a guitar, and she owns the space around her with a mix choice covers from contemporary artists and legends of the past.

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